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Mountain avala

Protected natural environment zone 15km away from center of Belgrade.

Avala is the mountain overlooking the city of Belgrade, Serbia situated in the south-eastern corner of the city and offering a great panoramic view. It stands at 511 meters above sea level. The name "Avala" comes from the Arabic word havala, which means "pretty view" or more exactly place or object which has a good perspective and dominates over region. Most probable there was a fortress on the top of mountain during the reign of Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, the town of Žrnov was located on Avala and it was conquered and destroyed by Turks in 1442. It's ruins were removed in 1934. and on that place was erected a monument (More like a mausoleum than a monument) to an Unknown Hero projected by famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. The mineral avalite receives its name from this mountain in which it was found. Until it was destroyed in the 1999 NATO bombing, the mountain was also marked by a 205 meter high Avala TV Tower that was open for visitors and visible throughout Belgrade. Its reconstruction has begun as of 2006 and is scheduled for opening within a year.

Even today, as it was the case in the past years, Avala is one of the most favorite vacation areas of Belgrade citizens and all of the other visitors or passerby's. There is about 10km of marked mountaineering routs as well as asphalt road.

So far Avala was the scene of traditional camp of serbian mountaineers. Among mountaineering activities, there were competitions in orienteering,  climbing (on outdoor climbing wall), mountain bike, mountain running...

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